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An Honored Tradition of Design

C. Weaks Interiors is a premier interior design firm with offices in Atlanta. Our reputation reflects a level of attention and service designed to make decorating your home as enjoyable as living in it.

Your design experience is a truly personal process. It begins with each client meeting our founder Carole Weaks. Carole draws on over 25 years of home design experience to craft a home interior that will reflect your personality and lifestyle.  Her frequent travels to Europe continue to provide insight into the merging of past and present.

Comfortable with both traditional and contemporary design, the goal is to always work with the client’s tastes and needs for a fresh and individualized look.  With a diverse clientele, our projects include comfortable family homes and chic penthouses as well as second homes in both mountain and beach resort areas.

The PastI have always loved the Classical elements of design. They provide such a wonderfully strong foundation and accept so beautifully contemporary components.

The PresentKnowing that what we do as designers makes everyday life easier and more enjoyable is in itself inspirational.

The FutureIn our profession, there is never a stopping point. There is always change, and as designers, we continue to look ahead for ways to accommodate technology and the changing environment. The feeling that our work will always be evolutionary is a challenge as well as a commitment which I believe moves us all to continue growing not only as designers, but also as human beings.

C. Weaks Interiors
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